• Ozuzanna

    Hello, so yeah this blog is about what is everyone's favorite animation errors. Here are my top three.

    This one is my top favorite because it is an alicorn error

    This one comes close second because it looks ridiculously hilarious. (to me that is, lol)

    And the one which comes third is still pretty unique. Look under Chrysalis's hair, slightly to the right of where she is, and you can see numbers.

    Let me know yours in the comments!

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  • Ozuzanna

    This blog is designed to be helpful and informationative to give a run down on what is expected when images are uploaded to this wiki.

    This is probably the most important and symbolic property of an image - the name of it!

    • Names such as Ghhfhufuy.jpg, 497274756.png or Screenshot at 5:45:12 on 07/07/13.png are not suitable file names - random or gibberish letters help nobody!
    • Names should also not have bunched up letters - such as PinkiePieEatingCornS3E2.png.
    • If images are not MLP related, give it a name describing it at least roughly, and do not add any unneeded excess characters. An example of this happening: Thomas884895.png If the name itself is not available (such as if 'Thomas.png' already existed) then add just one or two extra characters but try to keep…

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