• Paigegirl123

    Apple Bloom: This.... Is Your Apple Telegram I Hope We Find You Well! Your Invited To A Party At Dora's House I Think Your Really Swell! Orphan 1: Orphans' Turning 5 Years Old When I Helped You Celebrate! The Cake Will Deilicious For Really First Rate! Apple Bloom: There Will Be Apple Party Games And Fancy Dancing, Bob For Fruits! And Vegetables, And Every Food, And Sip Along! Big Pagie: (burps)! Bleahh........ T-That W-W-Will B-Be 20-20% C-C-C-Cooler, Right? Young Pagie: Right! Big Pagie: We're So......... FABOULOUS!!! Apple Bloom: It's 20% Cooler, Rainbow Dashie, R-R-Right? And I Have A Invatation To My Party! (puff) It Just Happens, I'm Running Out Good Ideas And Plans, And Could Love You Jump Hop And Skip Just Really Exausted! (sigh) I…

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