Apple Bloom: This.... Is Your Apple Telegram I Hope We Find You Well! Your Invited To A Party At Dora's House I Think Your Really Swell! Orphan 1: Orphans' Turning 5 Years Old When I Helped You Celebrate! The Cake Will Deilicious For Really First Rate! Apple Bloom: There Will Be Apple Party Games And Fancy Dancing, Bob For Fruits! And Vegetables, And Every Food, And Sip Along! Big Pagie: (burps)! Bleahh........ T-That W-W-Will B-Be 20-20% C-C-C-Cooler, Right? Young Pagie: Right! Big Pagie: We're So......... FABOULOUS!!! Apple Bloom: It's 20% Cooler, Rainbow Dashie, R-R-Right? And I Have A Invatation To My Party! (puff) It Just Happens, I'm Running Out Good Ideas And Plans, And Could Love You Jump Hop And Skip Just Really Exausted! (sigh) It Just Happens. Next Time, I'm Just Gonna Send Out The Invites To Friends. Orphan 1: Whoa! Brother Pagie Sistery Pagie: Woo! Woo! Woo! Young Pagie : Splash Down! Big Pagie: Right In The Water! (blows bubbles again) Both: (sigh) Hm? (laughing) Big Pagie: (continues blowing bubbles again and again and again)!