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    International airdates

    December 20, 2015 by PaletteReviews

    Note: The blog is called "International airdates" because I was only really concerned about that at the time until I realized two other things I needed.

    This blog post is about international airdates, times when that thing aired and episode titles.

    Airdate & Time
    1 Albanian Unknown title Albania:
    Bang Bang, unknown date and time
    Arabic (عجائب الصداقة (الجزء الاول
    ejayib alssadaqa (aljuz' al'awwal) Middle East:
    Spacetoon, unknown date and time
    Middle East, Northern Africa:
    Cartoon Network, unknown date and time
    United Arab Emirates:
    e-Junior, unknown date and time
    Bosnian Unknown title Bosnia and Herzegovina:
    Federalna televizija, unknown date and time
    Bulgarian Приятелството е магия, първа част Bulgaria:
    Super7, unknown date and time
    Cantonese 小馬寶莉 友情就是魔法!第一集
    Xiǎo mǎb…

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