Nobody can be perfect, not even the animators making your favorite show! This is a compilation of errors by the animators... Most common error: Missing AJ's freckles.

  • Applejack's first appearence in the show. No freckles. This happens alot...
  • Big Macintosh's cutie mark is sparkly in this scene (when Twilight first arrives in ponyville). The sparkles are never heard of again.
  • I don't even want to know what happened here. I think Derpy may have had an accident...
  • Applejack's freckles are gone again... at this point I'm going to stop pointing that out.
  • You tell me. Hint: Look at Rainbow Dash's tail.
  • Rainbow Dash's tail is missing yellow and green.
  • In this scene, Pinkie counts how many elements there are. She says five. Now you count.
  • Why Pinkie fell: She has no ear for balance!
  • Erm... Celestia? You might want to get to the doctor...
  • Missing wings.
  • Can you spot Trixie? I circled her in red. Yes, there are three.