First appearing in season 1 episode 6, Trixie quickly became my favorite antagonist. Although being portrayed as selfish and mean, Trixie has alot of likeable qualities. For example, Trixie is good at pursuading others. However, Trixie does not return until season 3 in which she is over taken by the Alicorn Amulet and turned evil. After, she becomes more likable and apoligetic. This ability to change personalitys in an instant and still make sense is one reason more episodes involving Trixie as a antagonist, a supporting charecter or even a protagonist would be helpful to the series and entertaining to watch. Also, the animators make plenty of entertaining mistakes when doing the animations of Trixie.

  • Why people no put Trixie in episode?

Trixies Non-Likable Traits:

  • Selfish
  • Can be mean
  • Show off

Trixie's Likable Traits:

  • Pursuasive
  • Likable (As of season 3)
  • Lots of animation errors

I know somepony from Hasbro will see this eventually, and when they do, this is for them:

Please consider this offer. I am available for consultation if you need help developing this and am more than happy to miss math class each and every day in order to help. (Please don't show this page to my math teacher).