hi there! my name is pandorastar but you can call me pandora! soooooooooooo i hope to make some friends here! somethings about me:

fav character (s): DJ-Pon3, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash (this blog got 20% cooler), Discord, and Spike

Fav episode: Sonic Rainboom (this ep made MLP 5000% cooler XD jks it was cool the first time i saw it)

Fav season: Season 2 (discord is awesome)

Fav Princess: Princess Luna! (THE BEST PRINCESS EVER)

Fav CMC: Scootaloo (lol she's always trying to do something dangerous to earn her cutie mark)

Fav mane 6 pet (s): owlicious

So yeah, if you wnt to talk, just comment on this blog :3