aka Midnight Muse (My OC)

  • I live in In Cloudsdale
  • I was born on January 1
  • My occupation is Making Rainbows!
  • I am A Mare
  • Pegasisteralicorn


    I am holding an OC Contest, for the character named Cand Dandy. She is Pink, Purple,Green, Blue, and Yellow, loves candy, has a twirly mane, and no cutie mark. Please enter! Winner's Name will be announced on my talk page.

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  • Pegasisteralicorn

    MLP OCs

    April 17, 2014 by Pegasisteralicorn

    I draw OCs, but I never uplad them onto websites. I f you have an OC without a cutie mark, I can make a detailed description for you, but if you need a name for a pony, just give me a desrption.

    -Pega Foreva

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