I was thinking that there should be another Mlp video game besides the gameloft one and it should be on consoles and handhelds.

My Idea is My Little Pony: Reign of Prince Blueblood. So, the plot is that Prince Blueblood is tired of being seen as another rich Canterlot snob, so he decides to show that he's more by, and it's not good way, overthrowing his aunts and taking the throne ( not only snob but idiot) so the mane 6 and other characters must stop him.

Platforms: Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, PC, and PS Vita.

Developers: Heavy Iron Studios

Playable Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Spike. 

Bonus Playable Characters ( Which means only playable at certain moments or unlockable): the CMC, Discord, Princess Celestia, Princess Cadance, Princess Luna, Zecora, and Flash Sentry (Pengasus).

In the game there are several levels the first being Ponyville which is also the main hub. Some levels have a boss at the end with a sometimes optional mini boss halfway for all except Ponyville, Maretropolis, and the area where Celestia turned Twilight into an alicorn. 

Enemies: Hypnotized Unicorn Guards, Hypnotized Earth pony guards, Hypnotized Bat pony guards, Hypnotized Pegasus Guards, Changelings, Timberwolves, Fruit Bats, Shadow Ponies, Enchanted Mechanical Parts, Cursed Tikis, Dragons, Ice Dragons,

Levels: Ponyville, Everfree Forest, Maretropolis, Whinny World( it was mentioned in The Root of the Problem), Cloudsdale, The Crystal Empire, Yakyakistan, Manehattan, Canterlot, and the area where Celestia turned Twilight into an alicorn frolm Magical Mystery Cure.

Npcs ( characters who you can talk to ): Diamond Tiara, the Cakes, Babs Seed,  Shining Armor, Fancy Pants, Fleur Dis Lee, Hoity Toity, Mayor Mare, Big Mac, Granny Smith, Bulk Bicepts, Jeff Letrotski, and Coco Pommel.

Background NPCs: Screwball, Derpy, Golden Harvest, Time Turner, Sweetie Drops, Lyra Heartstrings, Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, Minuette, and Berry Punch.

As I said before, there is a boss at the end of each level.

Boss#1: Hypnotized Discord- Discord tries to do the hypnotic eyes thing on Blueblood but Blueblood using mirrror on him and hypnotizes Discord into putting a spell over Ponyville to keep the Mane 6 from stopping him so the Mane 6 must go through Ponyville and bring Discord back to senses.

Boss #2: Bugbear- Blueblood released the Bugbear, except into the Everfree

Forest, which blocks all access to the other levels so you must defeat him. 

Boss # 3 This boss is not needed to complete the game: Doctorette Squid - The Mane-Iac's sister has decided to avenge her sister by taking over Maretropolis. So Spike has to stop her.

Boss#4: Hypnotized Shining Armor

Boss #5: Garble - The dragons have taken over YakYakistan so in order to free the yaks they must defeat the leader and old bully of Spike, Garble Items

Bits: These are your currency they can be found scattered throughout the levels, after you defeat enemies , or when you break objects.

Apples: These are pony health points and the max is 6 there are 4 types. Apples heal one point, Green Apples heal two, Crystal Apples heal 3, and Apple cider heals all health points.

Gems: same theing as apples except only appear when Spike is being played. Pink heal one, Yellow heal two, Green heal three, and red heal all.

Paper: Health points when Discord is played. Paper heals one, old paper heals two, crumpled paper heals three, and magazines heal all.

Keys: These are used to access new areas via opening gates and they can also unlock cages. They can be found in crates, they can be accessed as a reward in a minigame, completing a task, or buying them at the Ponyville shop area.  

Ice Gem: Spike can use this to temporarily  turn him into an Ice Dragon to freeze objects and enemies. Lasso: These pretty much do the same thing as Sandy's lasso from Battle for Bikini Bottom except their not with her automatically, they are scattered throughout the levels as a power up but when Applejack takes damage she loses it immediately.

Friendship Medallion: These are your rewarding system, similar to Light Gems from Spyro: A Hero's Tail use can use them unlock levels, unlock areas inside levels that don't require a key, and fees in order to activate something .

Flameless Fireworks: These can be used as an attack that can defeat enemies of a certain but once one has been ignited it's gone forever. So use them wisely.

Love Spell: You must use this to return to time Turner to use Flamelesss Fireworks without having to have actual love it is found on the top of the Whinny World rollercoaster.  Level Descriptions: 

Level #1: Ponyville - a bustling village full of common pony folk and the main hub the game starts here with your first boss.

This is the updated version. Comment your opinions and make sure to spay and neuter all your animal....  You know what, I just realized that this idea sucks.