I bet you guys remember that old videogame idea I had in that blog post. Well here's a new one!

The game is called Spike and Starlight's Adventure. i know a cheesy name but I'll probably change it. Anyway, the story is this. 

The Story

When the Mane Six find a friendship problem that requires all of them to go. The next morning they don't come back. And Ponyville along with the rest of Equestria are surrounded with a dark force. So Spike and Starlight must find the Mane Six and save Equestria. You also learn that the princesses are missing and you must find them to learn more about what happened. Turns Garble took over Equestria by tricking the Mane Six and capturing the princesses and has released creatures from Tartarus. Now Starlight and Spike must stop him to bring save Equestria.

Technical Stuff

Platforms: Wii U, NX

Developers: Heavy Iron Studios

Publishers: Hasbro Interactive

In Game Technical Stuff 

Players: Up to 2

Playable Characters: Starlight, Spike

NPCs: Discord,the CMC,Zecora,Shining Armor, Flash Sentry,TBC

Also in the game you have lives. Your given a total of 5. Run out and you get a game over. A game over causes you to lose all unsaved progress. So if you have one life, better save your progress.


Singleplayer: In this your only using one player. And you can switch betwwen characters.

Two Player: In this there are two players. With this Spike and Starlight can be played at the same time. It's kinda uneventful though as the main use is to just have a buddy in to help destroy enemies and collect more bits and such. If one player gets a game over he/she dissapears until you can their revived (more on that later).


Regular items

Bits:Your currency in the game. You can use them to access new areas in the game.

Heart Gems:Your health. They're pink gems shaped like hearts. You can have six in total. Running out makes you lose a life.

Rainbow Jewel:These are the rewarding system. Kinda like power stars from Super Mario. These are required to finish the game.

Power Ups

Ice Gem:These turn Spike blue and they give him Ice Powers.

Golden Apples: These give you invincibility.

Dark Hearts:These are more of a power down. They look like Heart Gems, but they're a blood red and when you touch one you lose half of your health.

Chili Peppers: When Spike eats these he turns red and his fire powers.

Breezy Spell: With this Starlight gets wings and she and Spike go into flying mode.

Revival Crystal: If one player gets a game over the other one can revive them with this.

Flameless Fireworks: Upon collection you can use them as a projectile.


Checkpoint Flag: In levels you'll come cross these. When you activate one it will allow you be teleported back when you die.

Lasso Pole: Read abilities and you'll know about Magical Lassoes.




Kick: By jumping and pressing the punch button he will kick.

Fire Breath: This allows him to breathe fire.

Ground Pound

Starlight Glimmer

Magical Laser: To do this you must do two things aim then shoot.


Bucking: If anyone's wondering what that is, it's kicking with your hind legs.

Magical Lasso: When Starlight needs to cross pits. She can activate a magical lasso and swing across.


Ponyville: The town where the show the takes place. It is also the hub area. From here you can access the other levels.



Evil Dragons: These baddies joined Garble and are his goons who wanna destroy you.

Timber Wolves: They are ready to pounce you at any moment with wooden jaws. so you better bite back.