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    Oops I liked EQG

    August 17, 2013 by Pikachu15eevee

    So, I went into EQG with very low expectations. You know the saying about pessimists; They're always either right, or pleasantly surprised. Well, I was the later, and I think part of the reason I enjoy the movie as much as I do (watched it three times this week; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) is /because/ it so surpasses what I expected of it. It really took me by surprise in that aspect, and I think that, along with the natural appeal of FiM, is what made me like it so much. Also, it has some great songs and a pretty cool action scene or two. That certainly didn't hurt. My biggest complaint was the pacing. For example; there was a plot point (without going into spoilers) that was resolved less than five minutes later. For those of you who…

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