So, I went into EQG with very low expectations. You know the saying about pessimists; They're always either right, or pleasantly surprised. Well, I was the later, and I think part of the reason I enjoy the movie as much as I do (watched it three times this week; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) is /because/ it so surpasses what I expected of it. It really took me by surprise in that aspect, and I think that, along with the natural appeal of FiM, is what made me like it so much. Also, it has some great songs and a pretty cool action scene or two. That certainly didn't hurt. My biggest complaint was the pacing. For example; there was a plot point (without going into spoilers) that was resolved less than five minutes later. For those of you who have seen the movie, you probably know what I'm talking about. Other than the pacing, the movie was... more than decent, and I'm sorry, but  I cannot stress enough how much that surprised me, and made the movie a success in my eyes.