After viewing the first season of MLP: FiM multiple times, it's come to my attention that there are a select group of background ponies who appear consistently in Ponyville, more so than any other background ponies. They include 6 earth ponies, 6 unicorn ponies, and 10 pegasus ponies, making for a grand total of 22. They typically exist in pairs, with two ponies sharing the same design with different colors. Allow me to lay them out individually.

Earth Ponies

Golden Harvest - Flower "Daisy" Wishes

Bon Bon - Shoeshine

Berry Punch - Cherry Berry

Unicorn Ponies

Heartstrings - Amethyst Star

Minuette - Sea Swirl

Twinkle - Lemon Hearts

Pegasus Ponies

Derpy - Raindrops

Rainbowshine - Dizzy Twister

Lightning Bolt - Medley

Cloud Kicker - Merry May

Showers - Wind Whistler

Now to the point: As you can see, Bon Bon, Golden Harvest, Heartstrings, Berry Punch, and Derpy have articles dedicated to them already. It is my ambition to create an article for every member of the Mane 22, as I've come to call them. I have already begun work for the earth and unicorn ponies and hope to provide some improvements for the existing articles as well. I hope this idea will be met with approval.

EDIT 1/12/12: I have added the links to all of the articles I have been working on. They are still in the works, but I would appreciate any help that anyone can give. I myself am currently working on their episodic appearances, which I suspect will take a while, even though I'm only doing Season 1.

UPDATE 1/25/12: I have added the appearances of every pony up to episode 20. Just six episodes left of season 1.

UPDATE 2/05/12: I have finished all of the season 1 appearances! I will try to begin uploading each article as an official page one day at a time, starting tomorrow.

UPDATE 2/21/12: All right, every article has been uploaded! This officially completes my goal. A special thanks goes to everyone who contributed. As I was asked, I have made a new section on the background ponies page where the list and links are provided. As such, this blog is more or less obsolete, so I have removed all of the links and will allow it to rest in peace. Cheers to success, everyone!