First Day:

This morning I woke up super early because of the vacation I'm going to have in the crystal empire for the next 2 weeks. So I packed everything I need,which are clothes,teddy bear and some cupcakes just in case ;) . My ticket to the crystal empire cost a lot of was about 15 bits!!. As I walked to the trainstation,I saw Applejack. She didn't say anything to me for some I felt lonely and guilty. I asked from her if she was okay and she just ran away from me! I was a monster or something!!...After I came on the train..I had nowhere to sit..but Derpy was kind enough so she offered me her seat was very nice of her :3 . About 2 hours of train ride I was finally there! In the crystally crystal empire!! :D . I saw Princess Cadance in the castle with Shining Armor.  I went inside the castle and they welcomed me very nicely until one of the crystal ponies yelled at me and said that I was a demon! ..why in equestria would anypony think that I'm a demon?!..Some mean ponies just make pictures and videos of me making cupcakes out of Dashie and other ponies but it's not true!! Shining Armor and Cadance sent me out from the castle. I asked for a hotel room and guess who gave me one?..well Derpy of course! :D .. she is very nice and friendly to me I bet she hasn't seen the mean videos or pictures of me ..I sure hope she hasn't. Now I'm here in this shiny crystally room which I really like. My bed and everything is very crystally and shiny. Okay I'm going to bed now everypony so I'll write my blog tomorrow..*yawns* goodnight everypony!..