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Hey guys! It's been a long time since I made the last blog. By the title itself, I am about to explain to you all regarding my activity in this wiki.

The Whole Information

I believe I would range from semi - active to inactive here. The reason behind is that I am so busy collaborating in other wikis lately that I barely have any time to show signs of my activity around in here. I believe it would go the same for my activity at the Bronies Wiki. Besides, I have other interests other than My Little Pony like Plants vs. Zombies, Five Nights at Freddy's and many more that I joined other wikis which I believe I would blend in. Mostly if their chats are fairly active and live with tons of users.

Another reason would be because I gained so much knowledge from other people by asking, or by explanations from people when I make mistakes, particularly starting from here, like minimodding is or abusing multiple accounts and all that. I even ask how people code some particular thing or how they made this template and all that. So I am currently helping around in other wikis, striving to be a worthwhile contributor and do the best I can do. So yeah, kinda busy in other wiki communities.

However, this is not an "I'm leaving this wiki" blog. It is just to inform that I won't be as active in this wiki as before.

What's Gonna Happen Now?

I'll be leaving only little signs of activity if I can from time to time. I may also appear in chat at times but not like the regular appearing like I used to do. While I may be active in other wikis, I won't go as active as much as I used to.


Here are a bunch of shoutouts to people who have been great help and even inspiration to me:

  • ImperfectXIII - You are such a great admin. Besides you taught me not two add categories to pages they don't belong to and I can't help but remember that tip when I edit around. You are awesome Impypai, keep it up! (heart) (hug2)
  • Rallinale - Another admin of great help as well. In fact, you are what convinced me to find an online image resizer, which I have been using all the time, when I told you one time that I had trouble changing my avatar into a different picture. (hug6)
  • Ozuzanna - I find you to be fun to get along. Thanks for teaching me how to use Imgur. As well as a cozy one. You iz Ozu-cozu!! (yes) (hug12)
  • Callofduty4 - So helpful and provided me a few CSS and JavaScript codes that I find useful. Thanks very much. Keep the good work as being both admin and VSTF! You are an inspiration. You are mah Codpai!!! And you no notice me when I am sometimes in a chat. ;-; (hug10)
  • 343 TheGuiltyProphet - You told me to always name my fanmade MLP files with the FANMADE at the beginning of the file name and told me what a rollback does. Thanks to you too. (hug13)
  • The Candlekeeper - Haven't seen you in a while. Thanks for the candles you give me in chat. :3 (pp)
  • Smith B. - You are humorous and I like it. You deserve those chat moderator rights and you are doing a really great job! Awesome friend! (c:) (hug3)
  • Shadowgallade777 - My first friend in this wiki. I don't regret joining his CM Force group. Funny and humorous too and the user who taught me how to get myself border and background colors. Thanks so much bro. (bhl) (hug7)
P.S. - Keep your ambitiousness to a low level m8. >:3
  • Horizonfudgy - Another awesome friend who often spells my ping name as Link instead of Pink at times! You are lovely to hang out with. No wonder you're Shad's bae. (hug13)
  • Yoshida Tadayoshi - Thanks for all the art requests you made for me. You are so kind too! And tons of your blogs were fun, particularly the game ones. (hug2)
  • Guildmaster Grovyle - Cool guy too. I find it humorous when he grammar nazied me in one of my blogs one time! (lol) I find it humorous when I'm grammar nazied though. I find it hilarious. So at least here is a hug for you. (hug12)
  • Lieutenant Fony Pony - Smith finds you to be a nice friend to him. I agree. (hug8)
  • Bluelighting - She made my signature back at that time when I didn't know how. Now I've learned how to even customize my own signature. She even provided me a link on how to make glitter texts. (hug7)
  • Surprise the fun loving pony - While there are times I hardly find you talking much in chat, you are actually fun to hang out with. (hug14)
  • Bleck11 - You are one awesome administrator at the Bronies Wiki. (hug15)
  • Spike the Dragon - Your blogs are fun. Keep up the fun side in you! (surprise) (hug12)
  • Sergeant Spitfire - You are so good to really hang out with. I find you fun! (hug4)
  • Rain Chaser - I was so happy I was able to help you whenever you ask me something. Glad to help! (hug9)
  • SonictheHedgehog1245 - You agree with some things that I agree on during my early days in here. At a few comment sections. Likewise, happy to have talked with you. (hug10)
  • Amgnismo - I love communicating with you. Thanks for being so concerned on wanting to know from time to time how I am by messaging me on my talk page. You're nice to hang out with. (hug5)
  • EHAN - Hardly communicated with you but you are a good chat mod. (hug9)
  • Novabomb1 - I get mindblown whenever you arrive on chat. (hug2)
  • Bobogoobo - Thanks for teaching how to get the Emote template to work very well with JavaScript. (hug9)
  • TheodoreRowy - Thanks for being the founder of this wiki. This is my first and signing up my account in here was my own birthday present. (hug8)


I give my thanks to the whole wiki community! I am glad to be part of you all. No matter how long I may not show signs of my activity in this place, the brony in me can't vanish. I am still a Pegasister after all. (pp)

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