Guys, do you see who's walking on the runway right now?

Oh yes, that was me.

So, the real topic is after an almost - full month of inactivity in this wiki... 


Yes I'm back! To those who have been wondering where have I gone or where I am, I apologize if I kept you all waiting for quite a very long time. You see, during in that province, I hardly get any internet or wifi there. And even if I do, it's only for just a short time. So yup, with limitations.

Anyway, I had during my vacation in the house of my grandparents--my mother's parents. We spent are time cleaning around the house, cooking together, dining together and having conversations together. I even typed stories--one of them is a work in progress Minecraft fan novel, listening to music, playing Minecraft, eating ice scramble almost eveyday, meeting with my relatives who live in the province as well, gaining a few good friends and more.

If you have any questions about my vacation or what I did during my vacation, you can comment along in here.

It's glad to be back here.