Yesterday, I looked for Bronies in the wiki and yes it's there. We know that Bronies is usually a term used for male MLP Fans. But the Bronies page just it is also used for female fans as well but not much. For my own female term, I'd rather call myself a femny (LOL I really made that up myself XD.)

Whenever I sometimes browse through YouTube videos. Most of the comments are so out of the topic of the video. Some of the comments include the "Bronies" topic. And the bronies they mean here are male. (After all "bro" is a term for boy.) And a lot of them are actually Brony haters. They would say every Brony should die, Bronies are outcasts in the autism, Bronies are too grown up to like a kids' show, and etc. This is like fan discrimination to me. And I feel dismayed about such harsh comments.

Show fans do not have to be based on the gender and age. Anyone has the right to like a show. We have rights. Haters should leave you bronies alone.

I give my 100% support to Bronies. If people knock you down because of just liking MLP, you can make your stand. What do the haters care anyway? MLP is just a show. And anyone can be a fan. :-)