Has anyone of you imagined that your OC can maybe appear as a background character or so in the MLP show? Me, not really. But do you also imagine a villain that you wish would appear in the show to make more epic action? Well, I do! I'll tell mine. I wish she would appear in the show even if the show creators did not know that the villain that they made was the one I wish for her to appear.

NAME: Princess Icica (prounounced: I-si-ku)

PONY TYPE: Alicorn

APPEARANCE: A pure white alicorn pony with a pale sky blue mane tied up like a duchess's style and with a curled tail. Also wears a plae blue ice - looking designed tiara and a long pale cape with soft white frills and snow - flake designs at the hems of the cape. With pale crystallic blue eyes (her eyes are literally crystallic).

POWERS: Manipulation of snow and ice. Can freeze anybody.

BASED ON: The Snow Queen (original story, not Elsa)

STORY SETTING: Was an enemy of Princess and Princess Luna a thousand years ago one winter. Defeated by the power the Elements of Harmony and turned into hard ice. Turned back to normal later to unleash tyranny.

> Is actually Luna's worst enemy yet.

> Gave Luna a fatal strike that almost killed her.


> Rule the entire Equestria with her ice pony minions.

> Bring eternal winter.


> Can only unleash power during winter.

> Easily defeated by the power of the Elements of Harmony.


> Froze Celestia and Luna, the Dazzlings (I wish they would be reddeemed to be good) and maybe others.

> Controlled winter and made it bitter and colder.