We had a discussion that I started during chat. I asked the active users to ask me what will it be like if this wiki was only for girls. When they asked me, I gave a response: this wiki would be a little too sexist.

It's true! They would really want this wiki for "all female users only", keeping the men out. So for example, if a female admin found out a user was male, they would block him and leave a reason like:

User is male: Not allowed in a female-only website.

Quite sexist enough right? Unfair as well.

But it won't be since the founder of this website is actually male. So there is no reason to keep all male users out. You see, if this wiki was sexist because "MLP is for girls only and stuff", this wiki is surely to be taken down due to sexism. It would be unfair to block users because they are "male".

So I don't know why haters keep flame-baiting on male bronies because they like a show for "little girls and the like". It's like saying Transformers are only for boys when I myself likes Transformers.

Do you agree, anonymous user?