Okay people. Time for news report. Bad news actually...

Just a while ago in another chat, I heard from my friend that our MLP Chat is raided by a troll. Well too bad I wasn't around to see what the trolling looked like but that's what I heard.

However, MLP Chat or this wiki is not the only victim around here. The Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki was a victim of a trolling raid. Oh, its wiki chat got trolled to. Here is one trolling event (WARNING: You are not gonna love it. Click the link at your own risk.) that happened which made an admin close the chat. Apparently, one user got infinite block from the Trollpasta Wiki for posting a forum thread inviting users to troll-raid on other Wikis. He claimed to have tried inviting more than 20 people do join him, but apparently, only a few went with him.

This is just to inform you peeps that we have to be on a lookout for trolls. Don't just point your fingers to the Trollpasta Wiki though. Trolls can come from random wikis worldwide. Plus, other wikis are probably troll-raided as well. And right now, despite this, we still have a strong unbreakable community in this wiki. With the help of all the administrators, rollbackers, chatmods and the like, we will not let these trolls break this wiki no matter what happens. Let's all unite as one and stand strong.