FANMADE Crown Theft Case book cover

FANMADE.PNG - My Little Pony: Crown Theft Case

I onced told my Mom I wanted to have a Wattpad account. My first story would be an MLP:FiM fanfic because I'm not that of an expertise in writing teenage stories. It's entitled: My Little Pony: Crown Theft Case. Here's how the plot goes:  Enrolled at one of the most popular high schools in Equestria as a new student in the tenth grade, Twilight was all bubbling with excitement. Not only will she study at the lovely school but to also join her best friends who are new too. But to see your rivals at the same school is not as exciting as to enjoy at your new school, for the Mane Six just saw their worst enemies again after a long time: the Disharmony Mares, consisting of Golden Harvest, Sweetie Drops, Lightning Dust, Merry May, Amethyst Star, and the meanest of them all-Trixie. There in Season Stars High School is also Sunset Shimmer, a unicorn who doesn't have a wide social life who befriends the Mane Six. One surprising day, the secured displayed crown of the deceased princess and founder of the school was suddenly missing in the Canerlot museum. The Mane Six takes and invenstigates the case. Tragedies happened in each season for the year and it serves as the clue. The quest for solving the crown theft case seems to be endless as they approach the end of the school year. That is what the Mane Six thought, until an unknown alicorn, wearing the stolen crown, interrupts the Junior Prom and terrorizes everyone.

Who is the alicorn? Was it someone that the princesses of Equestria knew? Or was it someone that the Mane Six knew?

Photo is mine. Story is only mine. Nobody steals it.

If you want me to tell you the story goes, sure. Unless you don't want spoilers. XD


The gray alicorn in the cover is the villain.

The villain's name is one of the characters mentioned in the story plot.