FANMADE Sweet Treat

Sweet Treat/Pinkgirl234

Since most of us have OC's here, we sometimes can also convert into a super powered. If you can check this administrator 's profile, he made two vectors of his OC as a Power Pony and as Rainbowfied. That's actually amazing. 

So today, try to imagine your OC as a warrior of some sort. Or with power. Here's my imagination:

UNICORN MAGIC COLOR: Pink (like my eye color)

POWERS: Telekinses, Sonicwave Scream, Unicorn Magic, Flight, Teleportation

BATTLE ARMOR: Silver white with a white mask


You can type your imaginations in the comment section below. Or add a picture. Oh, and if anyone could make a vector image of my Powered OC, I'd appreciate that. :-)