PLOT: The CM Force and the Harmony Agency have a bitter rivalry with each other. Until they stumbled upon each other on the same mission they were supposed to do and something happened that will change the way they look at their opponents forever.

GENRE: Friendship, Adventure

Playing: Bjork - Army of Me


Evil has always tried to ruin the harmonial balance of Equestria. But it never succeeded because good defeats it. These heroes were all in groups, in every trouble and tragedy, they always fight together. But how were they formed? How did they work as one? The answer to that is organization.

Nopony knew where these organizations are located. Except that the organizations knew each other. Their contact and communication are all connected from one organization to another. The lead organization is called the Equestrian Organization of High Officials (EOHO)--the head of all organizations and the one who gives the missions to each organizations to do. They also make sure that each organizations also can deal and ally with other organizations. However, two organizations refused to ally each other at all. In fact, they are the only ones with bitter rivalry against the other. But that was about to change...

"Sir, the princess has arrived." The official, Rallinale , reported to the organization leader--Copper Plume

"Alright then." Copper replied. Just then, the doors swung open by the arrival of a tall white alicorn with a flowing mane and tail and a sun cutie mark . Everyone in the office bowed before her and then stood up.

"Greetings, Your Highness."Copper approacd the princess and bowed.

"Greetings, Copper." Princess Celstia replied. Copper stood up again. "So you said we have a problem?" He asked.

"Exactly. Let's discuss this in a board meeting." Celestia requested. In ten minutes, a meeting was arranged inside the Board Room, with all of the officials including the princess.

"We are gathered here today to discuss another force of evil threatening Equestria. Its location was found in the Everfree Forest." Princess Celestia stated as she used magic to show an image of an area in the Everfree Forest. In addition to that, there were black moving shadows flowing and slithering around.

"Black Shadows. A force of evil that secretly resides in thick forests or lakes. A thousand years ago, they attempted to rule Equestria with darkness and lock it with chaos. But me and my sister were able to defeat them and drive them away. However, Everfree has now become their resting place to wait until they can get into action." And with that, the image magically disappeared.

"We have seen another threat, Your Higness. Now we'll have to assign an organization who will be in charge in defeating the Black Shadows." Copper said as browsed his laptop to select which organization to contact.

"Actually, I recommend you to call two organizations instead. The Black Shadows are rather clever and can be difficult to defeat." Celestia suggested.

Copper nodded at the idea as he browsed some more. "The Manehattan Heroes?" He asked the officials.

"There last mission was already done last month." Bluelighting replied.

"Organization of Peace?"

"They had done their last mission a week ago." Callofduty4 answered.

"What about Harmony Agency?"

Nobody answered. It seemed clear that the mentioned organization could have done their last mission several weeks or a few months ago. Thus, it was one of those selected groups to do the mission. One more organization is needed to do the job. While Copper browsed some more, Celestia approached him and pointed a certain organization name.

"The CM Force?" Copper pondered.

The officials's eyes widdened when Copper mentioned the group name.

"The CM Force?" Novabomb1 asked.

"No way." Ozuzanna exclaimed.

"Bad idea." Seaswirl10 shook her head.

"If you clash these two together, they're going to have a really bad feud." Princess Iris added. The other officials agreed and nodded to what she said.

"The princess suggested it, though." Copper replied. Now the officials turned their attention to Celestia in confusion.

"Trust me. I have a plan how to ally these two." Celestia winked. "It's high time these two groups should know what it really means to be in unity." She added.

"Very true. Sweet Treat had told me before they've been foes for almost a year now." Bluelightning concurred.

The other officials agreed. She has a point. If the other organizations have alliances with each other, why not also the CM Force and the Harmony Agency? At everyone's confirmation, Copper had sent the mission message to the two groups. He hoped that maybe finally they would just abolish the rivalry they have with each other.