PLOT: The CM Force and the Harmony Agency have a bitter rivalry with each other. Until they stumbled upon each other on the same mission they were supposed to do and something happened that will change the way they look at their opponents forever.

GENRE: Friendship, Adventure

Playing: Origa - Rise


Meanwhile, in the office of Harmony Agency, Sweet Treat was arranging files in her computer when a message notification popped up. As she bit on a cookie, she opened the notification. It was a message from Copper Plume  :

Dear Sweet Treat A.K.A. Agent Pinkgirl234,

Just a while ago, Princess Celestia has paid a visit to the Equestrian Organization of High Officials. She just said a force of evil called the Black Shadows are hiding in the depths of the Everfree Forest. We decided that your group can handle stopping it before they begin to rise and cause harm. I require you to research about them to know their weaknesses and find out how to defeat them. Perform the mission as soon as possible with your group. We'll be counting on you.

After reading, Sweet Treat pressed the alert button on her desk. Sounds of alert are heard throughout the agency place. "Attention agents! Attention agents! A meeting will be held. Please proceed to the Board Room immediately. I repeat: please proceed to the Board Room immediately." Sweet's voice was heard throughout the speakers. Her agents hurried to the Board Room at once.

The organization leader arrived after 10 minutes. Everyone looked at her as she sat on the leader's chair. "Good afternoon, HA agents. Thank you all for coming to this meeting." Sweet Treat greeted. "Now, we're here again to discuss an important mission that the EOHO leader, Copper Plume, had asked us to do." Everyone listened. Nopony made a sound. The room was serene as their leader spoke.

"I need someone to do a quick research for me. Can anyone search for something called 'Black Shadows?'" Sweet continued. Everyone who had laptops and tablets began searching in the internet at once.

"I found it!" The agent, Amgnismo, announced. "The Black Shadows are dark supernatural forces that reside in deep forest and water areas. They are portrayed as black ghost - like flowing shadows that can move. They were defeated by the Equestrian princesses a thousand years ago after an attempt to rule Equestria with extreme darkness." Amgnismo read in a site.

"Thank you, agent Amgnismo." Sweet Treat responded. "Now it's seems clear that another force of chaos is coming. And we must stop them before they rise once more."

"Black Shadows? How dangerous could they be?" Smith B. said.

"Maybe at least 71% dangerous?" Bloomy Art shrugged.

"I'd rather say 100% dangerous." Rain Chaser said.

"It's just simple: they're dangerous. And they're the next threat to Equestria. So that means the fate of our country is now placed on our hooves. We better be moving soon before it's too late." Sweet Treat declared. "The question is, how do we defeat them?"

"They have a weakness!" Amgnismo announced. "They don't appear in daytime because they fear light. They are only active in the night. And that means light can only defeat them for good."

"Light? Like maybe a flashlight?" Rain Chaser asked.

"Or a candle?" Florendali  said.

"It's clear, everypony. Any source of bright light can perish them for good. So we go to the Everfree Forest at 7 in the evening. Bring weapons and wear gear if possible for protection. Most importantly, bring anything of bright shining light to use it against them. Meeting dismissed." Sweet Treat concluded and everyone began to leave the room one by one.

In the place of the CM Force, Creeperman was organizing paper documents when he recieved a notification. It was a message from Copper Plumey, telling that the Black Shadows are once again about to bring harm to Equestria. Creeperman immediately arranged for a meeting in the organization's Board Room at once with all the agents present.

"Good afternoon, all CM Force agents. We have recieved a message from the administartor from EOHO, stating that a force of evil called "Black Shadows" are about to rise again and this is the organization. It means the whole Equestria has to be protected once more and we are asked to do the mission. Does anypony who these are?" Creeperman announced.

"I do." Agent Horizonfudgy raised her hoof. "The Black Shadows are a group of evil beings defeated by Princess Celestia ad Princess Luna a thousand years go. Before their fall, they tried taking over Equestria with darkness, which they never did at all."

"Any idea what they look like?" Creeperman asked. Horizonfudgy showed from her back pictures of black ghost - like shadows moving and slithering through the ground and trees. "Very dangerous, very sly." Horizonfudgy stated.

"How do we stop them then?" Imtheaura asked.

"Do they have any weakness?" Appleboy2 wondered.

"Forutnately they do. Because they are afraid of daytime, the only time we can fight them is at nighttime. The best weapon against them would be any source of light." Horizon said.

"Would multiple matches do?" Halo the pokemon handler suggested.

"Exactly!" Creeperman said excitedly. "More light means a bigger chance in purging the Black Shadows away for good. Since they are only active at night, we leave for Everfree Forest at 7 'o clock in night. Bring protection gear, weapons, and lastly, light.We need a lot of light against the Black Shadows. Anyway, the meeting has ended." And with that, everyone began to leave the room.