PLOT: The CM Force and the Harmony Agency have a bitter rivalry with each other. Until they stumbled upon each other on the same mission they were supposed to do and something happened that will change the way they look at their opponents forever.

GENRE: Friendship, Adventure

Playing: Evanescence - Whisper


It was 6:30 PM. Sweet Treat and Creeperman were preparing to leave for Everfree Forest. They each gathered their weapons with them. Sweet Treat wore a silver white armor and a white armor while Creeperman will use his Laser Gun, Twak-O -rangs, Dual Disc Gun and seven reactor gems to turn him into his superform in case he has too. Nine agents volunteered to accompany their organization leader to carry out the mission. At sharp 7 PM, the groups left to carry out their mission. They both took different directions going to the Everfree Forest.

The ground was wet. It had just rained two hours ago. Trees were dripping dew a little. The night was just silent as the Harmony Agency members walked. They held torches, lanterns, matches and flashlights and swayed them to see their way through  the dark, making sure they don't let down their guard.

"Any sign of anything suspiscious?" Sweet Treat asked. A few agents gave her a "No".

"Just keep your eyes and ears open." Sweet Treat said as they continued to walk.

The CM Force agents walked and looked carefully around the forest. They each held torches, flashlight, matches and lanterns tightly to look out for any Black Shadow lurking around.

"Have you seen Black Shadow around?" Creeperman asked his agents. "No" was the only answer he recieved from a few of his agents.

Everyone was silent for 20 seconds, until Fudge spoke up. "Guys, I saw something." She said as she held her bow and arrow.

"What is it? A Black Shadow?" TimelessPeople asked.

"No. It's something else." Fudge answered.

"What?" Wikialover22 asked.

Fudge pointed something in the distance. The rest of the agents looked at where she was pointing. And you all don't like them." Fudge said as she flew a feet off the ground and let an arrow fly at the direction.

"The Black Shadows have to be here somwhere. We've been here for almost 13 minutes." Sweet Treat said as she looked carefully.

"Look out!" AthleticDashie exclaimed. He tackles Sweet Treat for protection before an arrow hits her. It landed on the ground a few inches beside them. The Harmony Agency agents looked to see a group of ponies heading towars them.

"Creeperman? CM Force Agents?" Sweet Treat said in surprise as she quickly got up to her hooves and picked up her sword. "What are you all doing here?" She shot an angry look. Her agents were already prepared for a fight that could occur.

"Nothing. Just gonna do the mission we're supposed to do." Creeperman slyly smirked.

"What mission?" Sweet Treat demanded.

"Defeating the Black Shadows and I suggest you ponies better step out of the way and let the CM Force do the job."

"Well, guess what? We're defeating the Black Shadows too."

"Prove it." Creeperman scoffed.

"Dear Sweet Treat A.K.A. Pinkgirl234,

Just a while ago, Princess Celestia has paid a visit to the Equestrian Organization of High Officials. She just said a force of evil called the Black Shadows are hiding in the--"

"Okay! Okay!" Creeperman cut her sentence in annoyance. "I think Copper also gave you the same mission, but the CM Force is still better in doing it. So back off, or else this is war." He threatened with his Laser Gun.

"The Harmony Agency agents are not leaving until the mission is accomplished." Sweet Treat expressed in a brave way as she swung her sword to her side.

"So be it." Creeperman stated as he fired his Laser Gun at her, to which the Harmony Agency agents dodged. The groups charged at each other and a combat began between them.

For several minutes, they spent their time hitting, punching, kicking, and fighting nonstop. However, Sweet Treat and Creeperman fought with each other the fiercest, making sure to bring down the other. To bring down the leader would guarantee a downfall of an organization. And that is what Creeperman and Sweet Treat were trying to do now. When Creeperman turned into his superform, Sweet Treat grew more alert, knowing that he becomes stronger at his form.

Suddenly, some black flowing sprung out of the puddles on the ground and grabbed some agents off the ground and air. Some of them had let go of their weapons and their source of light. Their organization leaders were going to rescue them, if it not for some of the Black Shadows that caught them and the other agents.

Now that they had let go of their weapons and their light, they have nothing to fight the Black Shadows while in their grasp.