PLOT: The CM Force and the Harmony Agency have a bitter rivalry with each other. Until they stumbled upon each other on the same mission they were supposed to do and something happened that will change the way they look at their opponents forever.

GENRE: Friendship, Adventure

Playing: Within Tempation - Stand My Ground


Both groups felt hopeless. They would completely fail their mission and the Black Shadows will finally have thier way in taking over Equestria. Or so they thought.

Just when everything will soon fall into disaster, a white alicorn descended from above and stopped to fly at mid - air. More Black Shadows were ready to capture her. But Princess Celestia used her magic to release a huge amount of bright light that extended widely down to the ground. Its rays touched every Black Shadow and they begin to shrivel into nothing. And when they did, the agents fell on the ground with loud thuds. They all stood up and bowed once Celestia made her landing on the ground.

"Thank you for saving us, Your Highness." Sweet Treat said with a smile.

"We give you our gratitude for rescuing us." Creeperman said next.

"Your welcome, everyone. Now that the light has banished them forever, the Black Shadows will no longer cause harm. Which means that Equestria is safe from evil once again." Celestia declared. "Now, what did you all learn from the mission you were assigned to do?"

The agents began thinking at once. Finally, Sweet Treat spoke up.

"During the misssion, we Harmony Agency agents thought we were the only ones assigned to do it. But when we encountered the CM Force, we began to fight and delayed the task we were supossed to do. When I thought that we would fail, I had realized that our fighting did not help. We almost left Equestria in danger because of our bitter feud. We should not have started a fight because the Harmony Agency and the CM Force are both assigned to do the mission. And that means we were both assigned to save Equestria."

Everything fell asleep. They all listened. They watched as Sweet Treat turned to Creeperman.

"Creeperman, I am so sorry for the hatred I had on you. I was so foolish."

"No, Sweet Treat. I'm sorry that I thought myself higher than you from the start." Creeperman apologized.

"It's also my fault anyway. We should not have started a rivalry."

"Can we start over and stop the bitterness we all had with each other?"

"Yes. We can start over." Sweet Treat said and they both extended a hoofshake. Their agents also apologized to the agents whom they thought as enemies.

"I'm glad you finally made up from all the bitterness and hatred. Let's leave the Everfree Forest. We have to go to the EOHO Headquartes first." Celestia told them all.

"What are we going to do there?" Fudge asked.

"You'll see." The princess gave a short smile.

At the EOHO Main Office, Sweet Treat and Creeperman stood before Copper , who was sitting before his desk. Some of the officials and Princess Celestia were present. They wathced as the EOHO leader brought a contract for Sweet Treat and Creeperman.

"Once you sign this contract, you agree to be in good company and alliance with each other: whether in a mission or not. No flame of hatred or a piece of grudge. No more rivlary between the two of you. Do you understand?" Copper firmly explained.

"We understand." Sweet Treat and Creeperman answered.

"Then sign this contract sincerely." Copper handed each of them a pen.

The two leaders positioned their pens to the paper and wrote their signatures at the bottom. After, signing, Copper marked the contract with a "CONFIRMED" stamp mark.

"It is confirmed: the Harmony Agency and the CM Force are in alliance." The administrator declared. Everyone in the room clapped and applauded. Sweet Treat and Creeprman shared a brohoof. Copper nodded at Princess Celestia, who nodded back, for the princess' plan succeeded in uniting the two organizations.

And from that time on, the Harmony Agency and the CM Force united with each other. Nobody held any anger or grudge against any agent from the other organization anymore. They all finally became friends. If there is a mission that requires two organizations to do the job, one of those partnered organizations would be the CM Force and the Harmony Agency.