The question for this blog right now is the blog title itself.

This wiki is very much beautiful and special in content and appearance. Before I became a wiki user, I would sometimes consult this wiki and the pages regarding information about the ponies and episodes. Many of the information here has helped me whenever I write My Little Pony fanfics. Which I never even have time to finish some of them due to lack of good ideas, not much time, and handling other interests.

In fact, did you know right after I turned thirteen at November 8, I signed up here as my first wiki? It's true! (yes) My birthday gift to myself. And in this wiki, I learned about many more things like all the coding and templates and other stuff. I even get to learn from my mistakes when admins and mods correct me like not to add pages to categories they don't belong to and unecesarry trivia.

And here is the first wiki where I met new great friends, like Shad, Fudge, Smith, Cod4, Impy, Rallinale and many much more.

Overall, I gained more knowledge at things the longer I remained here, researched about things and when I joined other more wikis.

So know, anonymous user,what can you say about this wiki? (pp)