Inspired by Spike the Dragon's blog of "You <insert action> According To The First Letter Of Your Username", I decided to make one of my one.

A. French Friences

B. Strawberries

C. Spaghetti

D. Hamburger

E. Fried Fish

F. Vegetable Soup

G. Ham

H. Salad

I. Ice Cream

J. Bacon

K. Grapes

L. Fried Chicken

M. Peanuts

N. Crackers

O. Dimsums

P. Cakes

Q. Fried Rice

R. Muffins

S. Nachos

T. Mangos

U. Corn

V. Donuts

W. Cereal

X. Brownies

Y. Pizza

Z. Cookies

None - letter username: Chips