Sleepy Candy Mane
FANMADE Sleepy Candy Mane OC

A Unicorn who want her Cutie Mark so badly.
Kind Unicorn
Sex Filly
More info
Eyes Dark Green
Mane Red
Nicknames Can-Can , Candy , Mane
Relatives Dazzling Vampire
Cutie mark

A young Filly Unicorn lives between the Everfree Forest

and Ponyville with her Batpony Sister Dazzling Vampire.


Sleeping ... Probably.

FANMADE Sleeping Candy by PinkieAppleShy

Sleeping Candy

Past Story

Sleepy Candy Mane's Father is a half Vampire Pony who was Married to Candy's Mother , Moon Lolipop Mane. The story starts when Lolipop kill her husband and then Candy's Parents die when she was just 1 year old , so her sister Dazzling Vampire Mane took care of her and live through the Magical place Equestria.

Current Story

 We'll Candy is still searching for her special talent and waiting for her Cutie Mark appearance.

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An OC Account Twitter: @mlp_SleepyCandy