aka Pinkie Pie

  • I live in Ponyville, Equestria
  • I was born on May 3
  • My occupation is Bakers Assistant
  • I am Girl Pony
  • PinkiePie29

    It needs to be about 20% cooler

    Twilight~ Pinkie you're a genius!

    Pinkie~ No!! I'm a chicken!!! *BAWK*

    You didn't expect me to lay on the grass did you?

    Dear Princess Celestia,

    I wanted to share my thoughts with you.... I didn't learn anything! I was right all along!!!

    I'll catch you yet, my pretties. Oh yes, as soon as one of you birds or monkeys or bears touches this net, you'll be mine! MINE! HahahHAHAHA!!!!!!!

    All of the ponies in this town are CRAZY!!!!!!

    AAAA!! Rarity... woods... jewels... dogs... taken... SAVE HER!!!!

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