Here is another episode idea.

The title would be Come Out, Young Pegasus! and it would be a Nightmare Night episode.

(Tonight is Nightmare Night. Everyone in Ponyville are chatting excitedly about what/who they're going to dress up as. But one certain pony did not want to be a part of it. Instead, she locks herself in her own cottage.)

(Princess Twilight, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash are thrilled.)

  • [Rainbow Dash] "I'm going out as a skeleton pony! What about you, Pinkie?"
  • [Pinkie Pie] "This year, I'm dressing up as a clown!" (puts on a red nose) "See? I've got the nose!" (honks it)
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "I was thinking about going out as Princess Luna. Hmm, but wait. What about our other friends?"
  • [Pinkie Pie] "Well, I've heard Applejack and her family are going to Apploosa. And Rarity and her family are going to Canterlot."
  • [Rainbow Dash] (a little annoyed) "And I've heard Fluttershy is doing the usual."
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "What do you mean by 'usual'?"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "You know, locking herself up in her own home know, be safe from the 'monsters' outside."
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Oh, right. That 'usual'."
  • [Pinkie Pie] "How can she miss out on all the fun? Nightmare Night is the funnest time of the year!"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "To her, it's the scariest time of the year!"
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "She has not come out. Not even once?!"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "She hasn't come out last year, or the year before that. She never attended one celebration! Even during her fillyhood, she refused to even take one step out of her house!"
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Well, maybe we should get her into the spirit. You know, encourage her to come to one celebration."
  • [Pinkie Pie] "If we get her to come out, she might like it. And if she likes it, she might come out another year! And the year after that and the year after that!"
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Let's go ask her. Maybe she might come out this year."

(They arrived at the pegasus's cottage. Twilight knocks on the door.)

  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Fluttershy? Are you home?" (knocks) "Hello?"


  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Fluttershy! It's me, Twilight Sparkle! I have Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash with me!"

(Still nothing.)

  • [Pinkie Pie] (suspiciously) "I bet she's pretending not to hear."
  • [Twilight Sparkle] (sighs, then knocks on the door again) "Fluttershy! Please! We just want to ask you something!"

(No reply.)

  • [Rainbow Dash] "Fluttershy! We know you're in there, so you better not pretend you're not home!"

(The door slowly opens. The yellow pegasus peeks through the opening.)

  • [Fluttershy] "...Um...Please go away..."
  • [Rainbow Dash] "What?! Come on, we came all the way here to ask you something."
  • [Pinkie Pie] "Are you doing anything fun this year for Nightmare Night?"
  • [Fluttershy] "Um...yes..."
  • [Pinkie Pie] "Ooooh, what is it? I'll join you!"
  • [Fluttershy] "...Stay in my home and be safe..."

(Rainbow sighs.)

  • [Pinkie Pie] "...On second thought, scratch that."
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Come on, Fluttershy. You're going to miss out."
  • [Fluttershy] "Miss out on what? Ponies in scary costumes and the scary games they're gonna play?"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "What's so scary about a pony in a costume?!"
  • [Fluttershy] "I...don't know. But I don't see why a scary event can be so frolicking."
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "You've never been to one celebration?"
  • [Fluttershy] "No."
  • [Rainbow Dash] "You're just acting like a scared little filly who's afraid of everything!"
  • [Fluttershy] "I know...but I just can't come out. I don't want to come out this year. It's too scary for me. So, every year, I stay home so I can avoid anything scary."
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Fluttershy, I know that you have many fears, but running away and hiding from them won't get you anywhere. Besides, you might run into your worst nightmares someday and you're gonna have to do something besides hiding from it."
  • [Fluttershy] "Okay...but...what about all those ponies in scary costumes?"
  • [Pinkie Pie] "What are you talking about? Those costumes I saw were not scary! That's not how you deal with your fears! Remember my Laughter song?"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Pinkie, butt out!"
  • [Fluttershy] "I'm sorry, Pinkie. But your song did not help me for my fears. Everypony is gonna be wearing scary costumes!"
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Fluttershy, you need to stop worrying over little things. And you can't go through life being afraid of everything. Just try coming out this year."
  • [Fluttershy] "...Um...I'll try..."
  • [Pinkie Pie] "Cool! And make sure to wear a costume!"
  • [Fluttershy] "Sure..."
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Okay. See you tonight, then."

(The three ponies arrive back at Twilight's castle.)

  • [Rainbow Dash] "...How do you expect that pony to come out on Nightmare Night?"
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "I told you. All she needed is a little encouragement and to let her know how much fun Nightmare Night can be."
  • [Pinkie Pie] "Seriously, is that how she deals with her fears? Running and hiding from them? That's not how my Laughter song goes! Has anypony ever misses out on Nightmare Night? Is that possible?"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "The only pony I know who loves to miss out on everything is Fluttershy! She's such a scaredy-pony! We need to make sure she comes out this year!"
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "And how are you gonna do that?"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Oh...I think I know..." (grins menacingly as she glances at Pinkie, who is eating a slice of cake)

(It is now nighttime. Fluttershy locks her front door. Suddenly, she heard a loud knock that startled her. She unlocks the door, and slowly opens it. She noticed a note taped to her door.)

Dear Fluttershy,

I'm gonna throw a huge party at Sugarcube Corner this year on Nightmare Night. Pinkie Promise me you'll come tonight.

Sincerely, Pinkie Pie

P.S., make sure to wear a costume.

(She shivers at the words. Pinkie Promise.)

  • [Fluttershy] "Oh my. A Pinkie Promise..."

(Her pet bunny grabs the note and reads it over.)

  • [Fluttershy] "Oh, Angel. What should I do? Nightmare Night is the scariest night and I don't want to come out. But I have to make a Pinkie Promise that I come out tonight."

(He points a finger to the door.)

  • [Fluttershy] "Oh. So you want me come out?" (sigh) "I guess I have no choice. I'm coming out this year and I have to make a Pinkie Promise. Nopony should break a Pinkie Promise."

(She slowly goes into a closet, and comes out several minutes later in a bird costume.)

  • [Fluttershy] "Okay..." (approaching the front door) "Here I go..."

(She still stands in front of the door. Her pet rabbit gives her a push and she is locked out of her own house. The yellow pegasus looks around nervously and cautiously, taking a step at a time to make sure it's safe to proceed. After what felt like an hour, she takes a few more steps. Then, she walks, but slowly and gingerly.)

  • [Fluttershy] "You're doing good, Fluttershy. Nothing scary so far. Just keep going! Twilight is right! I need to stop worrying over little things!"

(Now she is a few feet away from her home.)

  • [Fluttershy] "Um...maybe Twilight is right. It wouldn't hurt if I just go to one celebration. Oh, my. I haven't realized what a big scaredy-pony I was. Why do I have to be such a scared little filly afraid of the simplest things?"

(She stops and looks around again. She saw a stallion walking by dressed as a superhero.)

  • [Fluttershy] "That stallion isn't wearing a scary costume."

(A mare in a vampire costume walks to him. The pegasus tries to calm herself.)

  • [Fluttershy] "It's just a costume, Fluttershy. Nothing scary about that."

(Suddenly, she was startled by her rainbow-maned friend in a skeleton costume.)

  • [Rainbow Dash] "Boo!"
  • [Fluttershy] "Ahhh! Oh. Rainbow Dash, it's just you. I thought you were a pony in a scary you a-are..."
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Oh, will you just relax already? I am in a scary costume. I don't see why you get scared so easily."
  • [Fluttershy] "Sorry. I just can't help getting scared very easily."
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Well, you need to relax. You finally decided to come out, so let's have fun."
  • [Fluttershy] "Where are we going?"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "To Sugarcubr Corner. Pinkie's throwing an awesome party there. You can come too...that is're too scared."
  • [Fluttershy] "Oh, um...I'm not scared of parties."

(The two arrived at the party. There wasn't a lot of ponies at the party, but it was wild. Many ponies are dancing to pop-rock music, others are eating cupcakes and other delicious pastries that sat at the table, and a few are just chatting to their friends. The pegasi saw their two friends approaching them and in the costumes they mentioned they're going wear.)

  • [Pinkie Pie] "Hiiiiiiiii, Flutters and Rainbow!"
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Fluttershy, you've decided to come out after all!"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Guess it does take a little encouragement to drag her out."
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "That's an interesting costume, Fluttershy. What do you think of mine?"
  • [Fluttershy] "Wow. You look just like Princess Luna."
  • [Pinkie Pie] "I almost confused her as Princess Luna." (giggles) "I confused myself! Can you believe that?"

(The other three gave her a funny look, and she eventually slowed down the laughter.)

  • [Fluttershy] "So, um...what should we do first?"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Let's play truth or dare!"

(They sat in a circle with an empty bottle. Pinkie was the first to spin, and the bottles spins; then it slows down and the tip points at Twilight.)

  • [Pinkie Pie] "Okay, Twilight. Truth...or dare?"
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "I choose...dare."
  • [Pinkie Pie] "Princess Twilight Sparkle. I dare you to..."

(She whispers the rest into her ear. The purple alicorn has a look of surprise on her face. Her horn glows. Nearby, Derpy is chatting with a random unicorn when her coat and mane change into Pinkie's colors. The pegasus gasped and smiled at her new appearance. Pinkie began to laugh at this.)

  • [Twilight Sparkle] "...Never tell me to do that. Now then, my turn to spin the bottle..."

(She spins it, and the tips points at Rainbow.)

  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Okay, what will it be, Rainbow? Truth or dare?"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Hmmm...dare!"
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Okay, Rainbow Dash. I dare you to balance on one hoof for fifteen seconds...flat."
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Piece of cake!"

(She stood on one hoof...only to lose balance after ten seconds.)

  • [Rainbow Dash] "Darn it! I could've done better! Okay, my turn."

(She takes a turn to spin the bottle. The tip points to Fluttershy.)

  • [Rainbow Dash] "Fluttershy!"
  • [Fluttershy] "Oh, um, I think I'll pass...if that's okay..."
  • [Rainbow Dash] "There's no passing in Truth or Dare. Now, pick one. Truth or dare?"
  • [Fluttershy] "Um..truth?"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Yesssss! Hmmm, let's see here...Why are you so painfully shy, even around us?"

(The yellow pegasus froze at that question.)

  • [Fluttershy] "Um...I don't know..."
  • [Rainbow Dash] "If you pick truth, you need to answer the question."
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Rainbow, are you --"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Hush, Twilight. You already had your turn."
  • [Fluttershy] "I...I meant to pick dare..."
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Too late. You chose 'truth', so you need to answer the question."
  • [Fluttershy] "The...the reason I-I'm painfully shy is's who I am."

(The other three gave her a funny look. She started to stand up and back away slowly, then make a bee line toward the door. Not realizing it was closed, she slammed into it. Now everypony's eyes are on her. The pegasus shivered violently. She pushed the door open and runs out, screaming and sobbing. The alicorn and the other two stepped out of the shop.)

(Fluttershy was running to her house. She didn't care about the party anymore. She didn't care about Nightmare Night anymore. All she wanted to do was to go back home. Her three friends followed far behind.)

  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Fluttershy! Wait! Stop running!"

(The yellow pegasus stopped when she reached her cottage.)

  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Fluttershy, don't tell me you're gonna stop coming out every Nightmare Night."

(The yellow one wiped her tears.)

  • [Fluttershy] "...I'm afraid I have to."
  • [Pinkie Pie] "What? Are you kidding me?!"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "You know, we encouraged you to come out this year!"
  • [Fluttershy] "...I'm sorry, but...I'm never going to come out every Nightmare Night ever again..."
  • [Rainbow Dash] "It was just a freak accident! Let it go!"
  • [Pinkie Pie] "A pony who make mistakes in baking can learn how to bake without a problem!"
  • [Fluttershy] "What?"
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "I think what Pinkie's trying to say is...we know you can be a fearful pony at times, but you shouldn't let those fears get in the way of spending time with your friends."
  • [Fluttershy] "Maybe you're right. I have been letting little things get in my way of spending time with you all."
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "...And maybe if you let us show you around, Nightmare Night may not be as scary as you think."
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Fluttershy, sorry for asking you such a humiliating question."
  • [Fluttershy] "That's okay."
  • [Pinkie Pie] "Hey! Why don't we all play those Nightmare Night games?"
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Uh, I don't think Fluttershy can --"
  • [Fluttershy] "Thank you, Twilight. But really, I think I can give it a try."
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Are you sure?"
  • [Fluttershy] "Yes."
  • [Rainbow Dash] "What are we waiting for? Let's go!"

(The four trot off, approaching the fun that awaits them.)

The end.