Number three of my episode idea.

Title: Flutter Brother

(Note: This is my prediction for the "Fluttershy's brother" episode.)

(It was a beautiful Friday afternoon in Ponyville. Everypony is doing their usual routines. Princess Twilight is at the cottage of her friend, Fluttershy. She is helping her giving her animal friends a bath. It was dirty work.)

  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Phew! This sure is hard work. I'm glad I helped you out with your animals, Fluttershy."
  • [Fluttershy] "Thanks. I just want them to look their best."
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "For what?"
  • [Fluttershy] " reason. I'm just much happier when they're clean."

(Just then, a pegasus mail pony descends down with an envelope. She gives it to her.)

  • [Mail Pony] "A letter for Miss Fluttershy."

(She flies off. The yellow pegasus opens the envelope. She pulls out a letter.)

  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Ooh! A letter. Who's it from?"
  • [Fluttershy] "It's from...Whirling Dash."

(Whirling Dash is the name of Fluttershy's brother.)

  • [Twilight Sparkle] " Whirling Dash?"
  • [Fluttershy] "My brother."
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "You never said anything about having a brother."

(The letter read:

Dear Fluttershy,

What's up, lil' sis? It's been a long time since we've seen each other! Ever since you disappeared somewhere, I felt so lonely and I wish I can break out of that loneliness. But my wish has come true! Because tomorrow, I'm coming to visit you in Ponyville! Can you believe that? For the first time since forever, we finally get to reunite! See you tomorrow!

Your cooliest and bestest brother,

Whirling Dash!

(The two ponies looked on with surprise and a bit of confusion.)

  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Oookay. What was that all about?"
  • [Fluttershy] "What? The letter?"
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Yes. It seems like you two had never seen each other in a very long time. Why's that?"

(Just then, their rainbow-maned friend stopped by.)

  • [Rainbow Dash] "What's up, Twilight and Fluttershy?"
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Hello, Rainbow."
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Hey. Is that a letter? Who's it from, your brother?"
  • [Fluttershy] " did you know?"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "I kind of heard you from up there."
  • [Twilight Sparkle] (chuckles) "Good ear, Rainbow Dash." (to herself) "Why does she always eavesdrop on everything?"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "What was that?"
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Oh, nevermind. Anyway, Rainbow Dash, do you know about Fluttershy's brother...Whirling Dash?"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Hmm...of course I do. When we were little, we used to love flying around!" (to Fluttershy) "And you were still a weak flier that time."
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "I've always wondered, Fluttershy...why were you such a weak flier?"
  • [Fluttershy] "Um...because my parents..." (cringes) "...they treated me badly."

(Confused and surprised expressions were on Rainbow and Twilight's faces.)

  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Wait. What?!"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "I knew you since flight camp. You never told me anything about your parents."
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "You never told any of us about your parents."
  • [Fluttershy] "That's because I kept it a secret. I didn't want any of you to know that my parents are monsters."
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Oh, Fluttershy. We're your friends, and you should never keep secrets from your friends."
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Yeah. It doesn't matter if it's a dark secret."
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Besides, I think it's wonderful that your brother is coming!"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Yeah. I can't wait to do those same ol' stuff we did during fillyhood!"
  • [Fluttershy] "...Maybe so. I know he's going to love being with us."
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Me too. See you tomorrow."
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Yep! And your brother too!"

(Both left the cottage. The yellow pegasus waved goodbye at them.)

(The next day, Fluttershy was returning home from doing some errands when her front door opened by itself. A pair of front hooves snatched her and dragged her inside. She was about to let out a scream, when she looked up to see who dragged her in. It was a cream-colored stallion with a blue and white mane and tail. He had baby blue eyes and his cutie mark is a cloud spilt in half by a yellow lightning bolt. This is Whirling Dash.)

  • [Fluttershy] ""
  • [Whirling Dash] "Sis?
  • [Fluttershy] "Whirling Dash! It's so great to see you!"
  • [Whirling Dash] "I'm so happy to see you as well! So...what are you up to?"

(She was about to answer, when a knock on the door is heard. She goes to answer it. All five of her friends are there.)

  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Hi, Fluttershy." (noticing her brother) "Oh! You must be Whirling Dash!"
  • [Whirling Dash] "Yeah. Uh, that's me..." (smiles widely)
  • [Pinkie Pie] "Woooooow, Fluttershy! I didn't know you had a brother! I thought Twilight and Applejack are the only ones with an older brother!"
  • [Applejack] "Well, it sure is a pleasure to me ya."
  • [Fluttershy] "Whirling. These are my friends. Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, and Twilight Sparkle."
  • [Whirling Dash] "Why, hello!"
  • [Rarity] "Whirling Dash. Would you feel happier if you come along with us?"
  • [Whirling Dash] "Where?"
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "To my castle."
  • [Whirling Dash] "Wha...You have a castle?! Oh...oh! You're Princess Twilight Sparkle! Sure! I'll come!"

(At the castle, they all sat at the table, leaving a space for Whirling to sit.)

  • [Whirling Dash] "This is so amazing! You have your own castle!! How, thought?"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "How, you ask? Twilight here taught Tirek a lesson! And I mean...she kicked his massive butt!"
  • [Whirling Dash] "Oh my!" (laughs)

(Twilight shook her head.)

  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Well, since you're here, Whirling Dash, how about you tell us a bit about yourself?"
  • [Whirling Dash] "All right. Well, I'm kind of fast at flying. I like parties."
  • [Pinkie Pie] "Just like me!"
  • [Whirling Dash] "Um...I've always wanted to become a Wonderbolt."
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Dude, becoming a Wonderbolt was my life-long dream too!"
  • [Rarity] "Looks like you two have some things in common already."
  • [Pinkie Pie] "Hey, why not have a 'Welcome to Ponyville' party for him!"
  • [Twilight Sparkle] "Okay. I guess it wouldn't hurt. You'd like that, Whirling Dash?"
  • [Whirling Dash] "I'd love it!"

(The 'Welcome to Ponyville' party was held at Sugarcube Corner. Most ponies in town were invited. Whirling Dash was having a fun time, and so is her sister and her friends. Then at one point, he meets up with his sister.)

  • [Whirling Dash] "How are you enjoying this party, lil' sis?"
  • [Fluttershy] "I like it. And you?"
  • [Whirling Dash] "I'm already having a blast! Oh! I wish it could be like this forever!"
  • [Fluttershy] "Me too..." (lowers head a bit) "...but it can't."

(Unfortunately for her, Whirling heard those three words she muttered to herself.)

  • [Whirling Dash] "What? It can't? What do you mean 'it can't'?"
  • [Fluttershy] "It just can't!"

(After a few seconds, she starts for the door.)

  • [Whirling Dash] "Wait. Where are you going?"
  • [Fluttershy] "I'm going home."
  • [Whirling Dash] "What? But the party isn't over! How can you leave now?"

(She just left, with her brother following.)

(Fluttershy opened the front door of her home and just before it was slammed shut, Whirling zips inside.)

  • [Whirling Dash] "Hey! What are you gonna do here?"
  • [Fluttershy] "Take care of my animals."
  • [Whirling Dash] "Oh...okay..."

(He eventually helps her with the animals. After a while, it was already getting boring for him.)

  • [Whirling Dash] "Uuuuuugh...."

(He flops onto a chair.)

  • [Whirling Dash] "Don't you do anything else besides this?"
  • [Fluttershy] "I don't know. What else should I do?"
  • [Whirling Dash] "You know, it's up to you whether or not you should try new things. Come on, let's go do something that's less offense."
  • [Fluttershy] "None taken..."

(He takes her outside.)

  • [Fluttershy] "What are we doing outside?"
  • [Whirling Dash] "You and I...we're going to fly around Ponyville."
  • [Fluttershy] "Oh, that doesn't sound safe...and I don't want to be noticed."
  • [Whirling Dash] "Come on! What's so dangerous about flying, anyway? You're just afraid ponies will laugh or ridicule you."
  • [Fluttershy] "No. I want to do something that's less dangerous."
  • [Whirling Dash] "Like what? Does it involve animals?"
  • [Fluttershy] "Um...maybe."
  • [Whirling Dash] "We can save that for later. I want to do something fun. How about...we go around and play pranks on your friends?"
  • [Fluttershy] "...Won't that be...kind of mean?"

(Whirling Dash looked at her like she has three heads. He shook his head.)

  • [Whirling Dash] "No. Just think of it as a joke."

(Just then, the pink party pony and the fast-flying blue pegasus came by.)

  • [Rainbow Dash] "Hey! We've heard you two are going around Ponyville playing pranks on ponies."
  • [Pinkie Pie] "I've brought all we need for the best pranks."

(On her back is a small box full of fun stuff.)

  • [Whirling Dash] "Yeah. My sister and I are going to have fun playing pranks."
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Wait a minute. Fluttershy is joining us?"
  • [Fluttershy] "Well, um...maybe. Should I join?"
  • [Pinkie Pie] "Yeah! New members are always welcome."
  • [Rainbow Dash] "Okay, Fluttershy. We'll let you join our little pranking club. But I don't want you to slow us down."
  • [Fluttershy] "Okay."

(For their first prank, they stopped at Sweet Apple Acres. Rainbow and Whirling put a couple of cardboard cut-outs of apple trees on the field. Then, they go to their hiding spot where the other two prankers hid.)

  • [Fluttershy] "Won't Applejack get upset?"
  • [Rainbow Dash] "We pulled a prank on her last time. She didn't get upset...well, she was a little bit."
  • [Fluttershy] "I hope we don't upset her this time."
  • [Whirling Dash] "We're not trying to hurt somepony or make them upset. Just think of it as a joke."

(The farm pony approaches one 'apple tree'. When she gives it a buck, the cardboard cut-out falls over. She goes to another, and discovered that was a fake as well.)

  • [Applejack] "What in tarnation?"

(Pinkie, Rainbow, and Whirling giggled.)

  • [Fluttershy] "Ohh, I think we've upset her."

(Applejack noticed them, and smiled while shaking her head. She chuckled to herself.)

  • [Fluttershy] "I don't think I can't pull another prank on anypony else. I'm going home."
  • [Whirling Dash] "What?! Fluttershy! I don't know what's gotten into you, but seriously...can't we do something together?"
  • [Fluttershy] "Whirling Dash...I want you to leave."
  • [Whirling Dash] "Leave?! Why"
  • [Fluttershy] "Why not?"
  • [Whirling Dash] "Because if I do...I'll be lonely again."
  • [Fluttershy] "No you won't. You have all of your twelve friends back in Cloudsdale, don't you?"
  • [Whirling Dash] "Yes, but...half of them pretended I was invisible...literally."

(Pinkie and Rainbow exchange looks of confusion.)

  • [Fluttershy] "I'm going home, and that's final."
  • [Whirling Dash] "Lil' sis! What about all those great times we had when we were little? You used to love flying...but're trying to avoid flying..."
  • [Fluttershy] "Well, it's just that...I don't like to fly very much."

(Whirling Dash stared at her like she is crazy.)

  • [Whirling Dash] "Lil' sis, what pegasus doesn't like to fly?"

(The yellow pony walks away.)

(At her cottage, she entered her home. Whirling came in.)

  • [Whirling Dash] "Lil' sis, seriously. I know you're upset with me, but that doesn't mean you should stop spending time with me. I thought we had something here."

(She did not say a word.)

  • [Whirling Dash] "...I do not want to go back to the cold loneliness of Cloudsdale."

(His sister did still not speak.)

  • [Whirling Dash] "...Lil' sis, why aren't you talking to me? I know there's something wrong with you, and -- and maybe I can make it better for you. Please, lil' sis..."
  • [Fluttershy] "Please, don't call me 'lil sis'...I think you should go."

(Whirling gets very upset.)

  • [Whirling Dash] (voice breaking) "...What did I ever do to you?!"
  • [Fluttershy] "Enough."
  • [Whirling Dash] "I can't believe you! I can't believe you're trying to shut me out!"
  • [Fluttershy] "I'm not shutting anypony out..."
  • [Whirling Dash] "Yes you are. Why are you shutting me out? Why are you shutting your friends out? Why are you shutting all of Equestria out? What are you so afraid of?!"
  • [Fluttershy] (tears falling from her eyes) "I said enough!"

(She sat down, letting the tears fall.)

  • [Fluttershy] "...I've always tried to avoid being around other ponies...all because of our parents. They were so cruel to me. They forced me to go to flight camp because I was so weak at flying."
  • [Whirling Dash] "You know, they forced you to go because they want you to interact with other ponies and they want you to fly properly. You didn't have to isolate yourself from other ponies just because you're shy. Besides, you have very great friends. Maybe they're trying to help you fight your shyness."
  • [Fluttershy] "I do have great friends. They love me, no matter what."
  • [Whirling Dash] "So, lil sis...why were you upset with me?"

(She had a flashback of her and him as very young foals. They ran into a living room.)

  • [Young Whirling Dash] "Let's race around the room!"
  • [Young Fluttershy] "Okay. Ready?"
  • [Young Whirling Dash] "Set...go!"

(Both took off. They were having a blast, until the little yellow filly bumps into her brother and knocks him into a flower vase nearby. He fell to the floor. Just then, two grown pegasi -- their parents -- ran in.)

  • [Mother] "Whirling Dash!"
  • [Father] "Are you okay?" (glares down at Fluttershy) "I can't believe you did this again.

more coming soon!