I know there are, like, hundreds of Fluttershy fans out there who like this cute pony. But I'm one of those people who don't like her that much. And I'll explain why:

I find her character boring, in my opinion. Why? Sometimes, you might find her standing around being shy or in her house with the animals. That's pretty much all she does. She never seems to do anything besides that. She's very predictible (ex. when she's in a very large crowd, you expect her to sit there quietly; when she and the others are battling monsters, you expect her to back away and not do anything; when she sees something she thinks is scary, you would totally expect her to run away and hide).

For her being afraid of everything, I find that extremely annoying, especially in Season 1. Even the most simplest things terrify the living daylights out her! In the Dragonshy episode, she was too afraid to tell her friends that dragons frighten her. In Hurricane Fluttershy, she is afraid of humiliating herself in front of other pegasi when that was all just in the past. In Luna Eclipsed, she locks herself in her home during Nightmare Night in hopes of protecting herself from the "monsters" outside. I honestly don't think Fluttershy is doing a good job with dealing with her fears. Instead of fighting them, she just simply runs away and hides. The more she avoids them, the higher chance she will never conquer them. Now I'm asking to myself: With the exception of baby dragons, why is she so afraid of full-grown dragons?

My biggest problem with her is her shyness. Like most of her fears, she doesn't do a good job showing her true self, especially in front of her friends. She has too many insecurities, in my opinion. The episodes that focus on her anxieties and shyness literally have the same morals. This happens in every season. I also think that she relies too much on her friends to help her toughen up. You know, I think she could've done that on her own. There is never anything else about her background besides her Cutie Mark story. I hope in Season 5, we'll learn something else about her past.

Now, why does her shyness bother me, you ask? Well, let's just say that she always lets it get in the way of helping her friends. I think the same goes with her fears. In Dragon Quest, she used her fear of dragons as an excuse to not go to the Dragon Migration. In most episodes, she uses her shyness as an excuse to not go anywhere/do anything. She always wants to be safe in her home, and relies on her own house to protect her from anything she's afraid of. She never really learns to defend herself, besides being assertive, nor learns to think positive. I think we should know about her shyness. She can't be shy for no reason.

I'd like to learn more about her past. Why was she so shy? Why is she afraid of dragons? Who/where are her parents? What happened to them? Hopefully in Season 5, we'll go deeper into her past.

Wow, it feels good to let that all out!