• Pinkiepiecupcake

    did you know that season two had some interesting things? lets review!!

    PONY PONY-pony/ponies was said 528 times in this season!!

    will we ever know?- who is scootaloo related too? are the cmc ever gonna get there cutiemark? can spike sing?

    derpy was featured- Derpy apeared in 3 songs and 20 episodes!!! wow

    THIS MAKES NO SENSE!!!- ok....princess celestia has a niece named cadence and a nephew named blue bud. so luna is princess celestia sister. So... Luna has a daughter? maybe theres one more princess? besides if that was lunas dughter and son she would have been at the wedding. at the end she flew in and said did i miss anything? yes you did!!!Pinkiepiecupcake 16:26, June 28, 2012 (UTC)

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