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  • Pinklady1

    I'm already full of expectations for the next season! Now and then I try to imagine how next season will look like.

    I'm extremely curious because the more seasons will follow, the more difficult it will be to create fascinating storylines. I hope their ideas will never goo be far fetched and the show will always stay true to itself.

    That being said, I have absolutely no clue how the first and the last episode will look like. I still have to get used to the idea there now will be a castle in the middle of Ponyville. I wonder how this will work out and how it will affect Twilight, her friends and Ponyville.

    But every season, we have 2 main questions: How will the season start and how will it end?

    Or maybe if you have no clue: how do you wish it …

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  • Pinklady1

    Leaving this wiki

    June 14, 2014 by Pinklady1

    EDIT 15/06

    [[File:Main_cast_and_Discord_group_hug_S4E26.png|thumb|left|400px|Friendship truly is magic!

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  • Pinklady1

    Hey everyone,

    I've been away for some weeks because I had to do a lot of stuff. But it was also a good opportunity to take a tiny break of this wiki after being online everyday for the past year :)

    It seems that not much changed while I was away and we don't have any news yet about the next season.

    Anyway: what are your favourite websites (except from this one of course) or what do you love to do on the internet? Or if you are a youtube fan: what do you love watching?

    Maybe I get some great tips and the rest of the users too :)

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  • Pinklady1

    Hey everyone,

    This is a blog about your MLP Wikia behaviour.  I’m curious to see how you guys use our beloved Wikia J

    How do you use this Wikia? Any habits?

    The first thing I usually do is checking the ‘Wiki activity’, probably the page I check the most. I also check quite often ‘My contributions’ so I can see if someone posted to a comment of me or a discussion where I participated.

    2.       What kind of Wikia user are you?
    I’m probably not a useful one… I mainly make comments. I’m never on the chat and I don’t contribute anything to this wikia. Not that I don’t want to but I’ll probably edit the wrong way so the administrators will have a lot of work to correct me J

    3.       What are your favourite pages?
    Emm.. I don’t have a particular one that is…

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  • Pinklady1

    I was just wondering...

    Very soon this season will be finished. And it went by incredible fast!

    So what are you going to do after you saw the last episode and the waiting begins for season 5?

    - Rewatching all the episodes?

    - Making some fan art?

    - Passing your time on this wiki or taking a break of this wiki?

    - Taking a brake from the whole show and not watching season 5 anymore?

    - Counting the days before the next season begins?

    Me? I have no idea yet, I really don't. I should take a break from this wiki and take a fresh start when the next season begins. I guess I'll wait and see what I want to do.

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