Hey everyone,

This is a blog about your MLP Wikia behaviour.  I’m curious to see how you guys use our beloved Wikia J

How do you use this Wikia? Any habits?

The first thing I usually do is checking the ‘Wiki activity’, probably the page I check the most. I also check quite often ‘My contributions’ so I can see if someone posted to a comment of me or a discussion where I participated.

2.       What kind of Wikia user are you?
I’m probably not a useful one… I mainly make comments. I’m never on the chat and I don’t contribute anything to this wikia. Not that I don’t want to but I’ll probably edit the wrong way so the administrators will have a lot of work to correct me J

3.       What are your favourite pages?
Emm.. I don’t have a particular one that is my favourite. I check the pages of the main characters quite often, but in general I just go to pages where a lot of editing or commenting is going on.

In general, I think doing the basic stuff and I didn't discover all the possibilities of this Wikia yet.

If anyone wants to say something about how he/she uses this wikia, a remark, or has some great tips for me or all of us, shoot!

Fluttershy writing on the journal S4E14