Hello everyone,

I was wondering...The show will end sooner or later, so i was thinking how the final epsiode could be like.

Some random examples:

- The mane six give a huge party featuring all the important/popular characters.

- Each of the mane six reflects to their favourite friendship lesson/adventure.

- Each of the mane six finds a boyfriend and has foals(just stirring up the emotions :))

- Each of the mane six becomes an Alicorn

- An open ending

- The mane six save Equestria from a disaster/super villian in a heroic and exciting episode

- A regular episode with no special theme

- They don't get along anymore and their friendship is lost forever (so unlikely that it's funny to mention)

- The mane six make a big journey to several special places in Equestria we've never seen before

- ...

I'm curious to hear your thoughts!

Main 5 surprised S4E18

What?? Our adventures are finished??