I want to tell my thoughts about the most discussed pony in the whole MLP show: DERPY.
I’m really fascinated by her popularity. Apperantly most of the people adore this pony. But I don’t get the whole hype.

Ok, if I’m not mistaken it goes like this: Derpy  started as a fun gimmick, a cross eyed grey pony that appears in a lot of episodes, so people made a sport of ‘finding Derpy’. Is that right? To avoid any misunderstanding: I find it also  a fun idea and I certainly don’t dislike her. End. But what is the whole fuzz about her? Is that the only reason why she is so popular?

I like Derpy and it’s a good thing that they put in a sweet background character that has a sort of a handicap. But that’s it. Why is everyone so head over heels with her? I don’t like her in particular a lot more than the other background ponies.

I must admit I’m a rather new MLP fan, I’m still watching the second season (thank god there is youtube to see them all, I catch up as fast as I can: )), so maybe I miss some episodes where she has an important role.

I’m curious to know what your thoughts about Derpy!

P.S. If i made some grammatical errors, English is not my main language so i try my best.