Hello everyone,

First of all: it's not my intention to create a blog with a negative connotation, don't get me wrong.

I reed so many posts on this wiki about things you would love to see in season 4 or what you think will happen in season 4.

So it seems a fun idea to turn it around: what do you don't want to happen in season 4?

I don't mean that you think it will actually take place, simply express your biggest fear or the worst thing ever that can occur in the show in your opinion.

I made a little list of myself (in no particular order).

1; Boyfriends for the mane 6
2: The mane 6 getting foals (where you need number 1 for of course :) )
3: A member of the mane 6 replaced with a new character or a background character.
4: Twilight gradually giving a main role and the other 5 becoming a sort of background characters
5: Background characters getting their own episode
6: No more character devolopment for the mane 6.
7: EG and MLP mixing (for example with a portal)                                                                                               8: More Alicorns

I'm curious to read your opinion or your own list!

Rarity fear scream S01E19

I don't want to see this happen!