Hey guys this is an about me blog :) 

1) Im sooo enegetic 

2) I love food

3- i love music

4- i love to bounce around XD

5- i love Doovvvize

6- i love Flutter-on

7- i love velvet

8- i love H4M

9- i love NSN 

10- i love icecream (wait thats part of food)

11- One direction is my favorite xD

12- i am single ;)

13- im 100 years old (its a joke)

14- i love this Wikia

15- i have green eyes

16- I have light brown w/ blonde NATURAL highlights and its not LONGG but it kinda

17- Im kida tom-boy/ girly

18- i love to bake and make sweets for everypony :D

19- my birthday is oct 29

20- people call me prettty but i know im not 

21- i think my fav song right now is Hey there Deliah form the Plian white tee's :D