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  • I live in The far deserts
  • I was born on February 10
  • My occupation is learning to draw manga
  • I am A GIRL!
  • Plane in the Desert

    I've been confused about Derpy a lot.

    I've met real-life cross-eyed people, and I'm sick of the stereotype that they're dumb or something. In actuality, there's tons of really smart cross-eyed people, and I'm sad to see Derpy is portrayed as dumb or something.

    Also, I don't understand why everyone thinks she's so cute. I mean, sure she's cute to a degree, but I don't see the incredible hype over it.


    I won't say she's all bad.

    Maybe she's actually smart and the dumb thing is an act, or that's only how she appears. Maybe she's actually kind of self-concious about it and sad about it.

    I just wish Hasbro would decide on whether to portray her as a not-smart cross-eyed pegasus, or an actual represenation of cross-eyed people, and give her some…

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  • Plane in the Desert

    Hm? People are doing that thing where they do something/rate/change about the below person who commented?!

    Well, here's my version:

    Make a fake background story about the person below.

    For example:

    First user: *posts*

    Second user: (First User) used to collect dolls, go into a cave only accessible by the people who went to the sub-basement floor of the Empire State Building, open a secret latch that needed a code within a code to open, and then stash all her dolls there, and then have a hi-tech secruity system with pony-jonin dropping down from the ceilings to protect her dolls!

    Finally, if the user before you likes your story, she or he can copy/paste it onto her profile as a fake background story. So, if you post, keep in mind that the user abo…

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  • Plane in the Desert

    Like what "should've" happened with Equestria Girls, or Best Night Ever, or whatever other episode which you think should've ended differently.

    Like, instead of the regular Rainbow Rocks movie, how about a cliffhanger at the end of Twilight's Kingdom, with the movie beginning:

    Girls!!! Hold onnn!!!!

    Bright flash, then...

    "Where... where are we?" Fluttershy asks, while the bright sunlight makes my eyes automatically close.

    I blink a few times, then realize that the brilliant light is coming from me too. Aargh, am I now light?! Is that some wierd alicorn power?!

    I look down and realize that I'm no longer an alicorn, or a unicorn, or even a pony.


    I'm wearing a suit of armor, fully covering my body, with beautiful swirls with color popping …

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  • Plane in the Desert

    I've been browsing some of the profiles in the wiki, and I've found really nice remixes of some songs, and some that seem pretty original.

    Sadly, I only found a few so far, including:

    Luna's Night Music (thanks Amelia!)

    And Hush Now Lullaby remix (thanks Seaswirl!)

    Octavia's Lullaby (thanks Nospecific name, though I copied the video URL to find the song, but thanks anyway :)

    Super Ponybeat- Discord (Thanks Unknown Prodigy!!!!! :)

    Please help expand this list and create the perfect pony remixes :)

    Here is EHAN's list, thank you sooooo much for taking the time to put this together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [MLP x Mario Kart] A True, True Friend (Koopa Cape Rem…

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  • Plane in the Desert

    Anyone noticed Flutters and Rarity wear make-up in EG and the animated shorts?

    Do all the mane six wear make up?

    Or is it just them?

    And why does fluttershy wear make-up?

    (or does she have a secret, Rarity-ish side?)

    Facts to prove that she does have that secret, Rarity-ish side:

    1: she reads fashion magazines [as seen by the one in the beginning of Green isn't Your Color and Best Night Ever]

    2: Her Love Of Knitting

    3: Her freaky knowledge of sewing [as quoted by Applejack]

    4: And apparently that she is involved in French Haute Couture. I don't understand why Rarity couldn't do the dress shown by the birds. Not the one with all the weird egg and flowers things. Check it out:

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