I've been confused about Derpy a lot.

I've met real-life cross-eyed people, and I'm sick of the stereotype that they're dumb or something. In actuality, there's tons of really smart cross-eyed people, and I'm sad to see Derpy is portrayed as dumb or something.

Also, I don't understand why everyone thinks she's so cute. I mean, sure she's cute to a degree, but I don't see the incredible hype over it.


I won't say she's all bad.

Maybe she's actually smart and the dumb thing is an act, or that's only how she appears. Maybe she's actually kind of self-concious about it and sad about it.

I just wish Hasbro would decide on whether to portray her as a not-smart cross-eyed pegasus, or an actual represenation of cross-eyed people, and give her some character development. I would love to see her being smart underneath it all, and that she's self-concious and has personality. If that would be so, then that would be my favorite episode of MLP, above all other ones.

And it's not wall-eyed. It's cross-eyed!