Let's look at the tally:

Twilight gets a lead singer role.

Rainbow get's a super awesome electric guitar.

Rarity somehow becomes key-tar proeficient.

AJ gets bass guitar

And Pinkie has the drums.

And.... above all this.

Flutters. Has. A. Tambourine. Don't tell me "it requires rhythm" and "not everyone can do it" because among the instruments listed, you have to admit it is the worst. Lack of creativity+ cliche= tambourine. It's like they ran out of options.

I wish they gave her an acoustic guitar. They can be played. And if they're featuring more than one guitar already (the bass guitar) then wouldn't it work? I've seen acoustic guitars in rock n roll or pop bands (whichever the mane six is intent on being).

Seriously. Why not some creative instruments? A violin, maybe? A flute? Trumpet?

P.S. It is already ridiculous that Flutters is actually in the band. If they stay true to her character,

1: she is a singer (as shown by Filli Vanilli)

2: she hates being in front of crowds (if she's still working on that fear). And if she learned in "Bats" that she can say no to her friends, and got assertive from "Putting Your Hoof Down" then why did she join?!

Hope they clear that up in the movie. Please, gosh, do.

Sigh. The tambourine. I guess the animated short gives it a bit of sparkle.

FANMADE Rarity newspaper facehoof

FANMADE: Not made by me, but it's one of the best GIFs I've seen in a while :)