Hm? People are doing that thing where they do something/rate/change about the below person who commented?!

Well, here's my version:

Make a fake background story about the person below.

For example:

First user: *posts*

Second user: (First User) used to collect dolls, go into a cave only accessible by the people who went to the sub-basement floor of the Empire State Building, open a secret latch that needed a code within a code to open, and then stash all her dolls there, and then have a hi-tech secruity system with pony-jonin dropping down from the ceilings to protect her dolls!

Finally, if the user before you likes your story, she or he can copy/paste it onto her profile as a fake background story. So, if you post, keep in mind that the user above can copy/paste it onto his or her profile, 'k?

No violence (like bloody slasher kind of thing. This is especially applying to hurting the actual person you're writing about), or the other stuff that you can't do on chat or comment, are the rules.

The first person to comment does a fake story about me, then keep going :)

Here's some writing music:

^thanks Ponyandmeatballsub!