Anyone noticed Flutters and Rarity wear make-up in EG and the animated shorts?

Do all the mane six wear make up?

Or is it just them?

And why does fluttershy wear make-up?

(or does she have a secret, Rarity-ish side?)

Facts to prove that she does have that secret, Rarity-ish side:

1: she reads fashion magazines [as seen by the one in the beginning of Green isn't Your Color and Best Night Ever]

2: Her Love Of Knitting

3: Her freaky knowledge of sewing [as quoted by Applejack]

4: And apparently that she is involved in French Haute Couture. I don't understand why Rarity couldn't do the dress shown by the birds. Not the one with all the weird egg and flowers things. Check it out:

French Haute Couture

It isn't "Fanmade" because I didn't alter it. But if I'm putting it on a blog post, does that count as making it FANMADE?