Like what "should've" happened with Equestria Girls, or Best Night Ever, or whatever other episode which you think should've ended differently.

Like, instead of the regular Rainbow Rocks movie, how about a cliffhanger at the end of Twilight's Kingdom, with the movie beginning:

Girls!!! Hold onnn!!!!

Bright flash, then...

"Where... where are we?" Fluttershy asks, while the bright sunlight makes my eyes automatically close.

I blink a few times, then realize that the brilliant light is coming from me too. Aargh, am I now light?! Is that some wierd alicorn power?!

I look down and realize that I'm no longer an alicorn, or a unicorn, or even a pony.


I'm wearing a suit of armor, fully covering my body, with beautiful swirls with color popping and sizzling like miniature fireworks. I can feel the heat of the sun on my face, but yet I don't feel any heat. The armor is paper thin, and as soft as cotton. My mane... my hair!!!

I look in the reflection  and find my hair cut to the jaw, un-evenly yet prettily, while being pushed back by a headband.

I look over to my friends and see they're clad in similar clothes.

"Twilight... it must have been from the rainbow power!!!" Applejack realizes.

Sure enough, my memory blanks right after the flash of light exploding from the box...

I look over at the huge country-side.

"Hey, Twilight, what are we?" Rainbow Dash says, looking at herself.

"We're... humans."


"We must be in the same world as I traveled to to retrieve my crown... but it doesn't look the same... not at all."

"It doesn't?" Pinkie asks, getting up. The armor clinks and rings as she moves, like bells.

"No, Canterlot High--- I mean, Castle--- was here before... and there was a statue..." I whirl around and see not a statue, but a shrine, with the words on a plaque reading:

"To the travelers who have ventured far

See beyond your visions marred,

For you six come hither on a quest

To attain the Swords of The Rainbow Chest"

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