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    As you all know,MLP has a horrifying fanfic which scares you all.

    (Dramatic music)

    and that's where I come in.I think i'll be doing a rewrite version of this fanfic and it will not include the violent stuff.It's gonna have some changes.The agenda is the same but a different type.It will also include several alternate ending elements like the alternate ending made by milesprower,A Precious Rainbow or the alternate ending where it is all Pinkie's nightmare.Technically,those two are the only one i can mix with this adaptation.I'm planning to do this one at either the mlpfim fanon wiki or the fan labor wiki.

    Maybe it's the fanon wiki cause that's a good place to do a fanon film.Come on,i've done multiple stories from my series in the pnf fanon wi…

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