aka "Professor" Kim

  • I live in Canada (soon) / au Canada (bientôt)
  • I was born on February 15
  • My occupation is Prospective undergraduate / Futur étudiant
  • I am cos男+isin男
  • Bio if dollar for dollar in csPun: rich=True
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  • Pokegod85321

    I have already made a post nearly like this on a different Wiki, but I am posting it here too so that users here can see as well. Without further ado…


    College applications.

    Preparation for the final exams.

    Those are the terms that will describe the nine months to come for me as I head into my final and toughest year of high school next week. On account of this, I cannot devote any more time on this Wiki and must therefore leave for the aforementioned amount of time. However, this is not the only Wiki I am leaving; I am leaving ALL Wikis. In fact, I will be taking a break from the majority of the Internet, YouTube and Reddit included, which additionally explains why I just left the Discord server.

    One additional note, I am not abandoni…

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  • Pokegod85321

    Hello, bonjour, etc., everypony.

    Today, October 10, 2016, marks the 6th anniversary of the first episode of the show that we all like, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. So I would like to say: HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY MLP FIM!! 10/10/10-10/10/16

    And also, for those of you who are Canadian like me, Happy Thanksgiving! (and happy Columbus Day if you are American I guess…)

    Well, time for me to get back to homework now :V

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