I have already made a post nearly like this on a different Wiki, but I am posting it here too so that users here can see as well. Without further ado…


College applications.

Preparation for the final exams.

Those are the terms that will describe the nine months to come for me as I head into my final and toughest year of high school next week. On account of this, I cannot devote any more time on this Wiki and must therefore leave for the aforementioned amount of time. However, this is not the only Wiki I am leaving; I am leaving ALL Wikis. In fact, I will be taking a break from the majority of the Internet, YouTube and Reddit included, which additionally explains why I just left the Discord server.

One additional note, I am not abandoning Discord itself completely since I will continue using it with friends from school. So even if you do not see my Discord status as “Offline,” please do not message me as I should not be disturbed.

Here are a few shoutouts to some of the users on this community:

Iris - My Canadian buddy (and one of the first users I knew here), thank you for all those fun conversations. Once I graduate from high school with pride, I will at long last return home to Canada so we can be closer to each other <3

Feeshy - I am glad that you enjoyed the maths jokes that I posted every day on the server. Be ready for more (and especially of my own) once I return to the server.

Yoshi - It was a sheer pleasure talking with you and Amg. If I join DeviantArt next year, we sure can talk more and I shall finally be able to fave and comment on your artwork (and you can do so on mine in return, if I post any).

Amg - Really enjoyed staying up past midnight just to talk with you. However I will no longer be up late at night once I move out of Asia (for university) :^)

FANMADE Rainbow Dash salute

I will return… with pride…

To everyone else, thank you for giving me the utmost experience on Wikia/FANDOM. I will miss you all.

🇰🇷 Pokegod85321 🇨🇦 - Quod erat demonstrandum FANMADE_Fly_fluttershy_left.gif 17:19, August 11, 2017 (UTC)