Hey its PoniesAre20%Cooler! and this is my first blog. so apparently this has to be mlp related so........ umm.... idk umm did you watch the new episode, "Pinkie Pride" ??? if not then watch it!!! :D its a-maz-ing!! if you have, i suggest watching it from a Commentary on Youtube the channel is MrColbaltSky7. His videos are soo funny! i love using this wikia because i can see witch episodes are next and do some research to show my friends! Can you beleive the 1st episode of season 4 was 3 months ago! it was November of 2013! omg well if you like my blogs ill have more (interesting) ones that are (pony related and) lol funny! and ill suggest some (awesome, pony-riffic) youtubers! BAIII!!!!!

Rainbow Dash and Daring Do wave goodbye S4E04